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Macromedia Start-up Contest

During and after graduation from our university, a number of outstanding business ideas are being created. Many of these ideas and concepts deserve to be developed further. The Macromedia Start-up Contest aims to contribute to this development and create incentives for entrepreneurial thinking and acting.


1. Prize 2.000 EURO
2. Prize 1.500 EURO
3. Prize 1.000 EURO


  • Legal Consultancy during Foundation Period by Dr. Christoph Rückel, Lawyer, Munich-Atlanta-Düsseldorf
  • Start-up Coaching and Mentoring by Prof. Dr. iur. Jochen Vogel, Cologne


We invite students from all locations and degree programs as well as alumni of our university to participate in this competition.


Prerequisite for participation is an elaborated business plan with an associated pitch deck. The business plan and pitch deck should be submitted in digital form (maximum size of the attachment 50 MB) at the latest on

Friday, February 28, 2020


Dedicated contact persons at the locations are:


The submitted proposals will be pre-checked by the dedicated contact persons at the respective campuses of the Macromedia University of Applied Sciences and then forwarded to a selection committee. The committee will set a shortlist of 10 business plans and associated pitch decks.
Afterwards, a jury consisting of founders, investors and experts from the start-up scene will decide on the winners.


The business plans and pitch decks selected for the shortlist should be personally presented by the submitters / founders at the award ceremony on Thursday, April 23, 2020, at the Munich campus. Subsidies for travel expenses can be provided on request.After the presentation and award ceremony, the founders can establish contacts with mentors, advisors, investors, sponsors and financing partners as part of the event at the Munich Campus.


  1. Students and alumni of all locations and all degree programs of the Macromedia University of Applied Sciences are eligible to participate.
  2. The submitter must be an idea originator for the start-up and the main author of the business plan / pitch deck.
  3. Students and alumni who are the employees in a start-up where the idea, initiative, business plan and pitch deck come from other persons are not allowed to participate.
  4. The business plan and pitch deck should be submitted in digital form at the respective campus where the study was completed. (dedicated contact persons see Terms of participation).
  5. Macromedia University and Macromedia Community e.V. have no claims to the submitted idea or business plan and pitch deck. Authors and rights holders are always the submitters themselves.
  6. Students invited to the award ceremony can apply for a subsidy for travel expenses at their campus or at Macromedia Community e.V.
  7. All prizes are bound to the submitter and must be used exclusively for the further development of the project.
  8. Please note: The size of an attachment may not exceed max. 50 MB. Dividing is possible and must be marked accordingly. Submission via own Dropbox is also possible. In this case, the contact persons should get an invitation link with which they can open the Dropbox folder.